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Good Reasons for a Visit to New Zealand!

Kiwi Hospitality
The New Zealanders are open-minded, interested, helpful, sociable and friendly people. Friends and strangers are on first name terms.
Maori Culture
The Maoris came to New Zealand more than 1 000 years ago and developed their own culture, which exists up to this day. Especially on the North Island, where you can for example participate in and experience the culture of the original inhabitants at close quarters in the volcanic region around Rotorua.
A Unique Flora and Fauna
First the good news: There are no poisonous animals in New Zealand and rare species such as hector dolphins, kiwis (New Zealand's national bird) or yellow-eyed penguins can be seen in several locations. The unbelievable variety of plant life with its tree ferns and other exotic plants can often be enjoyed undisturbed for days on marked hiking trails.
Varied Landscapes
The sailing area in the Bay of Islands, the picturesque wine growing area on Hawkes Bay, the active volcanoes in the heart of the North Island, the lovely Abel Tasman National Park and the Marlborough Sounds in the northern part of the South Island, tropical rainforest on the west coast, the deep fjords in the Fiordland National Park and, of course, the beautiful Southern Alps are just some of the highlights.
A Place for Adventurers
New Zealand presents the active traveller with many possibilities. Whitewater rafting or bungy jumping, jet boat rides or paragliding, tandem jumps or helicopter flights, sailing or kayaking, hiking or cycling, fishing, including deep sea fishing, diving or swimming. All of it is possible, and usually not just at one location. New Zealand never gets boring!
Relaxing Holidays
In relation to its surface area, New Zealand does not have many inhabitants. Even the big cities have a small town character outside the central city area, and country life is restful. Leave the mad rush of your daily life behind, and enjoy this "Paradise on the other Side of the World“.
Christmas under the Pohutukawa
It's Christmas in New Zealand, when the Pohutukawa trees present themselves in their lavish red floral display. So if you want to experience Christmas in summer, just like at home, New Zealand is the ideal destination for you.
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