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Outback Queensland

The Australian bush and the Outback are synonymous with the vast red and ocre coloured area that covers 82 000 square kilometres in the interior, stretching from the southern border of Queensland up to Cape York. Queensland's varied landscape mirrors nature and the Aborigines. The Outback is far more than an immense landscape - it is a living experience. Rock paintings and artefacts of the Aborigines, age old fossils in the UNESCO Riversleigh Fossil Fields World Heritage Site near Mount Isa as well as ceremonial grounds are testimony of a long history. Visit one of the Outback pubs and get to know the Australians closely. Your talkative contemporary will draw you into a conversation about the quality of the beer, about his existance in the Outback or simply about everybody and his dog. At Walkabout Creek the Aussie will be able to play his trump card: With a proudly extended breast he will tell you that you are now at one of the legendary places featured in the film Crocodile Dundee.
Dinosaurs, Fossils & Mining
The northwest is parched by the sun. As far as the eye can see, one is surrounded by reddish brown sands. Experience spectacular Outback sunsets, in an area where dinosaurs once roamed. Participate in an underground mine tour, wander through breathtaking gorges or go on a fossil hunt. Discover hidden lakes and dams and try catching some fish.
Matilda Country
The central western area is the heart of the Outback in Queensland. Discover the heritage and the history of this region that formed the nation. Here you will find majestic landscapes that already inspired past poets, like the famous Banjo Paterson, to write ballads that are still sung today and with which many Australians identify themselves. Visit one of the museums or some other attraction to learn everything about the pioneering years. You will find many interesting facts about the beginnings of the stockmen and the naming of the Australian airline, QANTAS. Apart from that you should also try some Australian bush tucker (bush food) and enjoy the evenings around the camp fire.
Channel Country
The southwest of Queensland is probably the most natural part of this federal state, with picturesque hiking trails through the bush and unspoilt wilderness areas. From Mitchell in the east to Birdsville in the west this region combines breathtaking red sand dunes with a wealth of wildlife and a fantastic flora. Go fishing in one of the billabongs, rivers or lakes, see numerous bird species or attend the annual, worldfamous Birdsville Horse Races. You can also swim in a hot artesian well and you should also plan a stay on a ranch to get to know the daily routine of Australian farm life as well as the people there - a unique experience.
Carnarvon Gorge
In the dry centre of Queensland the Carnarvon Creek has washed its course deep into the sandstone. This has given rise to the Carnarvon Gorge with spectacular cliffs and many side gorges branching off the main gorge. The precious moisture of the river transforms the canyon into a lush oasis with exotic plants and innumerable animal species. That is why the Carnarvon Gorge has since time immemorial been an important place for the Aborigines, who over thousends of years have left many rock paintings here. These are regarded as the most significant rock paintings in the whole of Australia. Many hiking trails have been marked out for day excursions. With some luck you might even meet a shy duckbilled platypus along the way.
The Riversleigh Fossil Fields
In the northwest of Queensland there is a deep green oasis in the middle of the dry Outback. Apart from its spectacular rocky gorges with steep red sides, the Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park also offers the Riversleigh Fossil Fields World Heritage Site. These fossil fields are among the 4 most important fossil sites in the world and present a unique illustration of the primeval Australian animal world. Water with an exceptionally high calcium content has encased the remains of 20 million year old creatures here, thereby conserving them all this time.
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