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ABC for Camper and Motorhome Enthusiasts

General Information and Helpful Hints

"No worries" - is a stock answer in Australia. This, of course, also applies to our selection of rental companies, which make every effort to maintain their vehicles in the best possible condition and to provide a first-class service. To help you choose your "Hotel on Wheels" we offer you the most varied selection of models, from a compact campervan to a 4WD overland camper or a comfortable motorhome with shower and WC. If in doubt, talk to us! It will be our pleasure to find the right vehicle for you!
A litre of petrol and diesel costs from AUD 1.40 to 1.60, but could cost more in remote areas (Last updated: August 2014).
Camp Grounds
Australia has a dense network of often superbly equipped camp grounds. A campsite usually costs between AUD 35 and 50 per vehicle (with 2 travellers) per night, depending on the standard of the campsite and whether electric power is required (Powered Site). At one's own risk it is also possible to camp out in the open. In the case of private or farming properties the permission of the owner should first be obtained. By the way: Only if travelling by camper is it possible to visit some of the more remote national parks and to overnight there!
Australia is a huge country. You should therefore allow sufficient time for the not to be underestimated distances or let us give you competent advice in this regard.
Please take careful note of the terms and conditions of the rental company and do not forget our "All Inclusive” offers.
One-way Rentals
One-way rentals are usually possible. Please take note of the rental company's quoted one-way rental charges! Depending on the rental company and the duration of the rental, these one-way charges can sometimes be waived.
Permitted Roads
Campers and motorhomes may only be driven on tarred roads, while 4WD campers may only be driven on officially recognized tracks and trails. All motorhomes may be taken to Tasmania (excepting Hippie Campers) or Kangaroo Island and be driven there on tarred roads (in some cases prior authorization is required). Vehicles may not be driven on Outback tracks without the express permission of the rental company. It is therefore important to clear your intended route when booking and again when picking up the vehicle, as the permitted roads could have been changed without prior notice.
Vehicle Types
Campers and motorhomes can differ from the advertised vehicles as far as make, model, year of manufacture, engine capacity and technical details as well as interior fitments are concerned.

In order to choose the correct vehicle it is important that the vehicle should have at least as many seats with seat belts as there are going to be passengers on board. The sleeping capacity of the vehicle is, of course, also important. It always makes sense to choose a vehicle that is "one size up" from the minimum requirement. Similarly it is important to decide if one is only going to sleep in the vehicle or whether one will also want to cook and shower. And if one will want to travel on untarred roads.

The following are the broad categories from which a selection can be made (the various rental companies often use differing names for their vehicles):
Mini-Campers: based on so-called mini-vans or spacious limousines with a seating capacity similar to that of a normal sedan and reduced camping equipment. Also no shower/WC and no interior standing room.
Campervans: compact panel vans (similar to the VW Combi) with standing room made possible by a fixed (Hitop) or extendable (Poptop) high roof. Without shower/WC.
Camper: spacious panel vans (eg. Mercedes Sprinter) with integrated high roof and usually a passageway between the living area and the driver's cab, shower/WC and full range of camping equipment. Usually intended for 2 persons.
Motorhomes: Large, comfortably fitted out vehicles with a wide and spacious built-up living unit for a minumum of 3-4 persons and usually a passageway between the living area and the driver's cab, as well as an alcove with a permanent double bed above the cab.
4WD campers: Built-up, heavy overland vehicles (eg. Toyota Landcruiser) or 4WD pick-up trucks (bakkies) with the living unit built onto the chassis, or with roof tent, usually without shower/WC and no passageway to the driver's cab. Depending on the build a (very) limited seating capacity.

All rental companies reserve the right to replace the booked vehicle with an upgrade if the booked vehicle should not be available for any reason whatsoever. Any additional costs arising from such an upgrade (eg. due to a higher fuel consumption) are not accepted as grounds for compensation.
Vehicle Equipment
Campers are usually fitted with a sink, gas stove, fridge or cool box, tool kit, air-conditioning (in the case of smaller models usually only in the driver's cab), radio and CD player and fire extinguisher. Woollen blankets or sleeping bags, pillows, hand and dish towels, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, water tank and water canister, bucket and hand brush are part of the interior equipment. Operating manuals, road maps and information material are usually supplied. The interior and exterior equipment of the vehicles can vary slightly from one rental company and one vehicle type to another.
Vehicle Pick-up and Rental Agreement
We recommend that after your arrival in Australia and before picking up your vehicle you first stay in a hotel for one or two nights in order to adjust to the climate and the time difference. We will gladly advise you with the choice of a conveniently situated hotel. Vehicles must be picked up or dropped off at the depots of the rental companies (not possible at the airport) during the opening times of the relevant depot. It is best to take a taxi (at your own expense) to the rental station. The pick-up procedure will take about two hours and you should make provision for this. Our partners in Australia will explain the vehicle to you in detail and help you to become familiar with it. Please check all functions and equipment before leaving the depot and report any damage or deficiencies on site. If you should only notice a defect after departure, please contact the nearest rental station. Also have two to three hours available to shop and stock up your vehicle with supplies. When picking up your campervan or motorhome you will be signing a legally binding rental agreement with the rental company. Please be aware ot the minimum driver age. Any contract breach by the driver or any additional drivers entered into the contract will render all insurance cover invalid.
Vehicle Drop-off
The rental vehicle must be returned properly cleaned and with a full tank, failing which the rental company will charge you for this. Unused propane gas is not refunded.
Driver and Driving Licence
A valid international driving licence or a certified English translation (if necessary) of the national driving licence is required in addition to the national driving licence issued in the home country! Both driving licences must be carried by all drivers. The international driving licence may be obtained at any Automobile Association (AA) shop in South Africa, but plan to obtain this licence in good time.
Bond (Security Deposit)
When picking up the vehicle a deposit, the value of which depends on the insurance option chosen, must be paid by credit card (also see rental conditions). If the vehicle should be damaged in any way, the deposit covers the insurance excess or part of the insurance excess which will initially be retained by the rental company regardless of the question of liability. The deposit is refunded in full if the vehicle is returned in a clean state, with a full tank and no damage. When the amount is refunded onto your credit card exchange rate fluctuations can cause the amount to be more or less than that originally paid.
N.B.: Please check the maximum credit limit as well as the daily limit on your credit card before departure. It often happens that the payment of the deposit is declined by the renter's bank even though the maximum credit limit is adequate but the amount is not covered by the daily limit. It is therefore important that you should make arrangements with your bank about the deposit transaction before departing.
Multiple Rentals
Several rentals with the same rental company can be combined into an overall rental to qualify for any relevant long term rental discounts. This also applies to rental companies that have vehicles in Australia as well as New Zealand. Please take note of the relevant remarks in the rental conditions.
Breakdowns and Repairs
In spite of the vehicles being carefully maintened and serviced by our rental partners, breakdowns can occur or repairs can become necessary. All rental companies provide roadside assistance, usually through the Australian Automobile Clubs. Breakdowns must be reported to the rental company telephonically without delay. You will then be given instructions as to how to proceed. In the case of major breakdowns the rental companies will only refund the actual loss of use of the vehicle, but not any meals or hotel accommodation.
Travel Luggage
If you will be dropping the vehicle off at the same rental station, where you picked it up, you can usually leave any excess luggage at the rental station in safekeeping. "Soft" luggage (eg. travel bags) can be stored in the vehicle more easily than hard shell suitcases.
No refunds will be made for unused rental days.
Every rental day is calculated according to the relevant season (in the case of Flex Prices the pick-up date determines the price). The first and last rental days are calculated as full rental days respectively, irrespective of the actual pick-up or drop-off time.
The 10% GST tax (Goods & Services Tax) is included in the rental price by all rental companies. The government stamp duty / administration fee of 3% (Last updated: Aug. 2014) is usually also included (please take note of the relevant list of price inclusions).
Campervans and motorhomes may usually be taken across to Tasmania from the mainland or from Tasmania to the mainland. Some rental companies, however, insist on an express authorization. In part reduced services apply in the case of a breakdown or accident in Tasmania. We will gladly furnish you with more detailed information on request!
Amended Reservation
In some cases an amended reservation is treated as a cancellation and subsequent new reservation. Information regarding possible cancellation fees is available from us.
The rule of the road in Australia is to keep left. The wearing of safety belts, as well as the use of baby/child seats for children under 8 years is compulsory in Australia. Alcohol consumption when driving is prohibited. In the major urban centres Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane toll fees have to be paid on certain roads, bridges or in certain tunnels. Vehicles travelling on these roads are automatically scanned, and the renter is responsible for the payment of the toll fees. The administration of such toll fee payments varies from one vehicle rental company to another - please make sure that you inform yourself about this when picking up your rental vehicle.
The rental price includes an insurance with insurance excess if claims arise. Owing to the high deposit payable on pick-up we recommend that our clients should take out additional insurance and also consider our All Inclusive Package. The latter gives you the best possible insurance cover of the rental company concerned, thereby reducing the deposit required at pick-up. In addition this package includes other services such as camping furniture, one-way fees and local taxes.

In general there is no insurance cover for damage resulting from exposure to salt water, other water damage, clutch damage or driving on prohibited tracks or tracks. Similarly all insurance cover is annulled in the case of damage caused deliberately or through negligence and through breach of the rental conditions. In such an event the rental company reserves the right not only to charge for the actual cost of the repairs, but also for loss of revenue for the days during which the vehicle could not be rented out. Please take careful note of the insurance conditions of the relevant rental company!

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