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Good Reasons for Travelling to Australia

A Thousand Year Old History
Getting to know Australia through its original inhabitants is a wonderful way to experience Down Under. Centuries old rock paintings, fascinating dream-time stories or boomerang throwing - the Australia of the Aborigines has something for everyone.
Unique Flora and Fauna
Australia has a unique plant and animal world. The roughly 850 national parks, some of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are evidence of the commitment to preserve this unique flora and fauna. Nevertheless the soft, ecologically orientated tourism is not forgotten by anyone.
Breathtaking Landscapes
Spectacular nature everywhere: in the north the impressive waterfalls of the Kakadu National Park, in the east the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef, in the west bizarre dunes and limestone landscapes, in the centre the endless Outback, and in the south the breathtaking Great Ocean Road as well as the island of Tasmania with its lush forest greenery.
Fascinating Cities
Based on the pleasant climate and the ever present proximity of the beach a world famous culture scene has become established in the bustling metropoles of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and popular festivals attract many visitors every year.
Warm Hospitality
The Australians themselves characterise the country in their own original way. The so-called ‘Aussies’ are known for their relaxed way of life and for letting every visitor feel at home from the moment they step onto Australian soil.
Excellent Infrastructure
One can travel through Australia in every possible way at reasonable cost. The airlines will take you just about everywhere. The road network is well-developed and the road signs are clear - even in the hinterland. Buses and trains complete what is on offer. And accommodation, that not only satisfies the highest expectations, but also every pocket, is available throughout in Australia.
At Pebbly Beach
At Pebbly Beach
Sunset on Great Keppel Island
Sunset on Great Keppel Island
Tasmanian rainforest waterfall
Tasmanian rainforest waterfall
Indian Pacific train
Indian Pacific train
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